All you need to Know about Sirius XM

Sirius XM is a satellite radio subscription service that broadcasts in the United States and Canada. The service broadcasts over 150 Sirius XM channels to customers, which offer commercial free music from various music genres, live sports, entertainment content, talk shows, news, traffic and weather updates, and kids and family programs.

Sirius XM uses high-orbit satellites to broadcast their signal. As a result, they have a wide coverage, and their signal is received with a clearer reception than in the case of AM or FM signals.

The service provides a subscription radio service similar to that of the premium cable television service. It broadcasts several music channels, which are commercial free unlike in the FM and AM radios. In addition, the service is not subject to FCC content regulation. Aired talk shows and played songs are therefore unedited.

Sirius XM Channels

How to listen to Sirius XM

With Sirius XM using satellite to broadcast their signal, you can listen to the radio service from anywhere in the covered region. Here is a look at how you can listen to the service:

1) In the car – this is one of the most popular ways of listening to Sirius XM. To receive the signal, your car needs to come with a pre-installed Sirius/XM radio. In case it is not pre-installed in your car, you can buy a car satellite radio and then subscribe to the service to start listening.

2) At home – you can listen to Sirius XM channels at home using a home satellite radio. Home satellite radios work indoors and they connect to the service using a special antenna that is placed outside or near a window. The radio then connects to the stereo system, from where you can listen to your favorite programming.

3) Through the internet – Sirius XM channels are also available through the internet. You can listen to your favorite programs on the go using an internet-connected computer. You can also use a Blu-ray player or a television with an internet browser to access the service’s programming. In addition to these, Sirius XM can now be accessed on tablets or smartphones using a downloadable app.

Where can you buy Sirius XM?

Sirius XM can be accessed by buying a subscription. Different subscription plans are available, with the price ranging between $10.99 per month (music plan) to $19.99 a month (an all access channels package). To buy Sirius XM, simply follow these steps:

1) Ensure you have a satellite radio or a network capable device that can receive the Sirius XM broadcast signal.
2) Go to on your computer browser.
3) Go to the “My Account section” and scroll down to “Activate a New Radio” to create an account and subscribe to a plan.

Where can you download Sirius XM?

Sirius XM App allows you to listen to over 130 Sirius XM channels from anywhere, be it at work, home, or when you are traveling. The app is available for both Android and iOS powered devices. To download the application, simply follow the following steps.

For Android:

1) Go to Google Play store on your device
2) Search for Sirius XM
3) Click on “Install” to download the application and install it on your device

For iOS devices

1) Go to Apple App Store on your device
2) Search for Sirius XM
3) Download and install the app

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